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Filters Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Black Pro-Mist 1/8 (82mm)

Black Pro-Mist 1/8 (82mm)

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The FiltersBlack Pro-Mist 1/8 (82mm) is a highly-advanced filter designed for professional photographers and videographers. It is skillfully engineered with several impressive specifications.

Main features of the FiltersBlack Pro-Mist 1/8 filter are:

  • Type: Pro-Mist 1/8
  • Diameter: 82mm
  • Effect: Softens contrasts and highlights
  • Material: High-quality optical glass
  • Design: Slim profile with matte black outer ring
  • Functionality: Threaded for combining with additional filters

This filter performs a crucial function in modifying light entering the camera lens. The Pro-Mist 1/8 effect lends photos and videos a warm tone by softening contrasts and highlights. Thus, it contributes to achieving a more natural and professional look in the final output.

Crafted from high-quality optical glass, the FiltersBlack Pro-Mist 1/8 ensures maximum clarity with minimum light loss. This ensures that your photographic material maintains optimum sharpness and clarity, even after the filter effect is applied.

Its design features a slim profile encased in a matte black outer ring. This reduces glare and prevents unwanted light from entering the lens. Not only this, but the threading on this filter also allows for the addition of other filters, offering maximum versatility.


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