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Avenger C-Stand 40" Kit w/ 40" Ext. Arm, 134 - 300 cm / 4,5' - 10'

C-Stand 40" Kit w/ 40" Ext. Arm, 134 - 300 cm / 4,5' - 10'

Detachable / Turtle Base.
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The StandsC-Stand 40" Kit includes a sturdy, adaptable stand and a 40" extension arm designed for both professional photographers and videographers. Here are the key technical aspects:

  • The stand has an adjustable height range of 134 cm to 300 cm (4.5' to 10'), providing ample flexibility for various shooting needs.
  • The kit features the 40" extension arm which can be positioned at multiple angles to accommodate different lighting and equipment setups.
  • Constructed with durable materials, the stand is capable of withstanding heavy-duty use.
  • The product includes a grip head attached to the extension arm that secures it to the stand and allows for flexible positioning of attached equipment.
  • The stand includes a gripped tripod base for stability, even when supporting heavy equipment.

Overall, the StandsC-Stand 40" Kit w/ 40" Ext. Arm is a versatile tool with adjustable height and flexible positioning, making it an ideal choice for professional photography and video production.


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