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Avenger C-Stand 40" Kit Sliding Leg, w/ 40" Ext. Arm, 134 - 300 cm / 4,5' - 10'

C-Stand 40" Kit Sliding Leg, w/ 40" Ext. Arm, 134 - 300 cm / 4,5' - 10'

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The StandsC-Stand 40" Kit Sliding Leg is a versatile solution that caters to the demanding requirements of professional photographers and videographers. This kit includes a 40" extension arm and the sliding leg offers height adjustability from 134 - 300 cm.

The key features of the StandsC-Stand 40" Kit Sliding Leg are:

  • Durable and Sturdy: This C-Stand is made with high-grade materials to withstand rigorous use in varied conditions
  • Adjustability: With an adjustable height from 134cm to 300cm, this c-stand can cater to a wide range of shooting needs
  • Versatile Extension Arm: The included 40" extension arm can be effectively used for a variety of lighting setups and rigs
  • Sliding Leg Mechanism: Allows for perfect positioning, even on uneven terrain

Here are some technical specifications for this C-Stand kit:

  • Material: Premium-grade metal alloy
  • Stand Minimum Height: 134 cm
  • Stand Maximum Height: 300 cm
  • Extension Arm Length: 40 inches
  • Footprint Diameter: Dependent on leg spread and angle
  • Weight: Varied depending on attachments

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