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Avenger C-Stand 25 (A2025F), 110 - 253 cm / 3,5' - 8'

C-Stand 25 (A2025F), 110 - 253 cm / 3,5' - 8'

Non detachable base.
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The StandsC-Stand 25 (A2025F) is an advanced supporting gear for professional photographers and videographers. This product ensures high-quality stability, durability and operational flexibility, making it a great addition to any professional's equipment arsenal.

Technical Specifications & Key Features:

  • Adjustable Height: One of the stand's key features is its adjustable height ranging from 110 to 253 cm or approximately 3.5 to 8 feet. This flexibility allows adapting to various shooting conditions and requirements effortlessly.
  • Robust Material: The stand is made of high-quality materials that ensure both strength and durability. This guarantees that it can handle heavy equipment and long hours of work without wear and tear.
  • Convenient Mobility: Despite its robust build, the StandsC-Stand 25 (A2025F) is designed for convenience in mobility. This feature allows easy transportation and setup, fast repositioning and saving a lot of time on a busy shooting schedule.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: To ensure safety and stability, the stand has a secure locking mechanism. This addition alleviates the concerns of equipment falling or the stand slipping during use.
  • Wide Base: The stand features a wide base that enhances its stability. It ensures that the stand remains secure and balanced, even when supporting heavy equipment.

This detailed information on the StandsC-Stand 25 (A2025F) provides all the technical specifications you will need to know as a professional photographer or videographer.


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