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Avenger C-Stand 20" w/ 40" Ext. Arm, 84 - 155 cm / 2,75' - 5'

C-Stand 20" w/ 40" Ext. Arm, 84 - 155 cm / 2,75' - 5'

Detachable / Turtle Base.
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The StandsC-Stand 20" w/ 40" Ext. Arm is a robust, versatile equipment ideal for both professional photographers and videographers. This stand is designed to provide high stability, functionality and easy handling.

Key Features:

  • Stand Height: The stand height ranges from 84 cm to 155 cm (approximately 2,75' - 5'), making it suitable for various shooting angles and scenarios.
  • Extension Arm Length: It comes with a 40" extension arm which provides reach and positioning benefits for various equipment needs.
  • Build Quality: This stand uses durable, strong materials to ensure it withstands heavy equipment and regular use.
  • Use: It is versatile in use; perfect for supporting lights, props, cameras, and other photography or videography gear.

Technical Specifications:

  • Stand Type: C-Stand
  • Dimension: Adjustable height from 84 cm to 155 cm
  • Extension Arm: 40 inches in length
  • Material: Durable and sturdy materials
  • Weight: Specific weight is decided by the manufacturer

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