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Butterflies Renting in Barcelona.

Avenger Butterfly 240x240 cm / 8 x 8' (frame only)

Butterfly 240x240 cm / 8 x 8' (frame only)

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The ButterfliesButterfly 240x240 cm / 8 x 8' (frame only) is a premium photography and videography equipment specifically designed for professionals in the field. This product is geared towards those who require reliable, high-quality equipment for their work.

This frame features notable technical aspects. Those include:

  • Dimensions of 240x240 cm / 8 x 8', providing ample setting space for a variety of types of content.
  • Construction from high-quality materials, ensuring the product's sturdiness and durability.
  • Lightweight design, providing ease of movement and setup without sacrificing structural integrity.
  • Quick assembly features for efficient and straightforward setup and breakdown.
  • Compatible with different types of backdrops and lights, adding versatility to your shooting setup.

This product does not include the actual backdrop or the supporting light system, as it is only the frame. Professionals must equip it with these necessary accessories according to their specific needs.


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