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Artem Gas Can (Propane Mix Gas)

Gas Can (Propane Mix Gas)

Duration of Smoke Canister at full output 6-8 minutes. Ratio of Smoke Canister Gas Canister use 3/1. Using the fog machine incorrectly may damage the cans. Damaged cans will be fully charged. USED CAN WILL BE CHARGED WITH 30€.
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The Gas Can - Propane Mix Gas offers a high-quality and efficient solution for all your fueling needs. This versatile product combines propane gas with a carefully formulated mix, enhancing its performance and reliability.

With its convenient and easy-to-use design, the Gas Can provides a secure and efficient way to store and transport your fuel. Whether you are camping, grilling, or powering your outdoor equipment, this propane mix gas ensures consistent power and smooth operation.

The Gas Can is crafted with safety in mind. Equipped with a sturdy handle and a secure closure, it minimizes the risk of spills and leaks, offering you peace of mind during use and storage.

Experience the convenience and performance of Gas Can - Propane Mix Gas, the ideal choice for your various applications. Order yours today and enjoy reliable power whenever and wherever you need it.


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