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Gimbals / Rigs Renting in Barcelona.

ARRI Matte box (4x4" and 4x5.65") for mount and rails (MMB-2)

Matte box (4x4" and 4x5.65") for mount and rails (MMB-2)

includes: - 2 Stages for Filters 4x4 and 4x5.65" - 2 Side Flags - 1 Top Flag - Rail Mount - 5 Mattes for MMB-2 - 7 Lens Adapter Rings (82/77/72/67/62/58/52mm) Rails not included.
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The Gimbals / RigsMatte box (4x4" and 4x5.65") for mount and rails (MMB-2) is a versatile product offering essential features for professional videographers and photographers. It proves itself efficient in managing light for better image or video results.

Key features and technical specifications:

  • The matte box is double format compatible, which can accommodate 4x4" and 4x5.65" filters.
  • It is designed to be rail mountable, making it easy to attach and adjust as necessary on any standard camera rig.
  • The MMB-2 model number showcases the finely machined construction from durable materials.
  • Lightweight design ensures it will not add excessive weight to your camera rig, making it easier to manage during prolonged shooting periods.
  • Contains stackable filter stages for multiple filter use, providing more versatility and options for capturing the perfect shot.
  • It carries a power coating that is resistant to scratches and general wear and tear, providing longevity for the overall use of the product.
  • For intense light situations, it comes equipped with top and side flags. These flags are adjustable and detachable, providing more control for light flaring angles.

With these technical specifications, the Gimbals / RigsMatte box (4x4" and 4x5.65") for mount and rails (MMB-2)offers dedicated professionals a reliable solution to light manipulation challenges.


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