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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

ARRI Fresnelspot Compact D60 6 KW Flickerfree

Fresnelspot Compact D60 6 KW Flickerfree

includes 4 x scrims and 1 x filter holder. Ballast needs connection for 63A, blue, monophase. Running hours billed seperately (22€ per hour).
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The Fresnelspot Compact D60 6 KW Flickerfree is a high-quality lighting fixture designed to provide powerful and consistent lighting for professional film and photography shoots.

With a compact and lightweight design, this Fresnelspot is ideal for on-location shoots where portability is key. It features a 6 KW power output, providing ample brightness for even large-scale productions.

What sets this light apart is its flicker-free technology, ensuring a consistent and stable lighting output. Say goodbye to annoying flickering lights that can ruin your shots! The Fresnelspot Compact D60 delivers smooth and reliable lighting, allowing for seamless and high-quality imagery.

Equipped with a Fresnel lens, this fixture offers adjustable focus and beam control, allowing you to easily adapt to different shooting scenarios. The robust construction ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for frequent use.

Whether you are a professional photographer, filmmaker, or simply a creative enthusiast, the Fresnelspot Compact D60 6 KW Flickerfree is a must-have tool for achieving outstanding lighting results. Elevate your projects to the next level with this reliable and versatile lighting solution.


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