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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

ARRI Fresnelspot Compact D25 2,5 KW Flickerfree

Fresnelspot Compact D25 2,5 KW Flickerfree

includes 4 x scrims and 1 x filter holder. Running hours billed seperately (12€ per hour).
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The Fresnelspot Compact D25 2,5 KW Flickerfree is a versatile and powerful lighting solution for various professional settings. Whether you are shooting a film or organizing a stage production, this compact fresnel spotlight is designed to deliver exceptional performance.

With a power output of 2,5 KW, this flickerfree spotlight ensures consistent and shadow-free lighting. It features a high-quality fresnel lens that provides precise beam control, allowing you to adjust the focus and create different lighting effects effortlessly.

The Fresnelspot Compact D25 is designed to minimize flickering, guaranteeing a stable and reliable light source for any production. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it incredibly convenient to transport and install, making it ideal for on-location shoots or touring performances.

Equipped with durable materials and built to last, this spotlight offers long-term reliability and outstanding performance. It is compatible with standard DMX control systems, enabling seamless integration into your existing setup.

No matter the setting or application, the Fresnelspot Compact D25 2,5 KW Flickerfree ensures optimal lighting conditions and exceptional visibility, enhancing the overall visual experience. Choose this reliable and versatile lighting solution for your professional needs, and achieve outstanding lighting effects with ease.


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