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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

ARRI Fresnelspot 12/18 KW Arrimax Flickerfree

Fresnelspot 12/18 KW Arrimax Flickerfree

Running hours billed seperately (22€ per hour). Ballast needs connection for 125A, blue, monophase.
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The Fresnelspot 12/18 KW Arrimax Flickerfree is an exceptional lighting solution designed for professional film and stage productions. This powerful spot light offers unparalleled brightness and precision, allowing you to create stunning lighting effects and illuminate large areas with ease.

With its unique Fresnel lens, the 12/18 KW Arrimax Flickerfree delivers a smooth and uniform beam of light, ensuring even coverage and reducing hot spots. This lens also enables you to effortlessly adjust the beam angle from spot to flood, providing incredible flexibility for any creative lighting setup.

What sets the 12/18 KW Arrimax Flickerfree apart is its flicker-free technology. This feature eliminates any unwanted flickering or strobing effects, guaranteeing seamless and consistent lighting, especially during high-speed filming or slow-motion capture.

Equipped with a 12/18 KW lamp, this spotlight produces an impressive output that is suitable for large venues or outdoor settings. The robust construction ensures durability and reliability, making it a great investment for professionals seeking top-notch lighting equipment.

Whether you're working on a film set, theater production, or any other live event, the Fresnelspot 12/18 KW Arrimax Flickerfree is the perfect companion to elevate your lighting game and bring your creative vision to life.


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