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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

ARRI 5 KW Fresnel

5 KW Fresnel

includes 4 x scrims and 1 x filter holder. Lamp needs connection for 32A, blue, monophase.
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The 5 KW Fresnel is a high-performance lighting fixture suitable for a variety of professional applications. With a power output of 5 kilowatts, this Fresnel light provides a bright and concentrated beam of light, making it an ideal choice for theaters, film sets, and other stage productions.

Featuring a durable and compact design, the 5 KW Fresnel is easy to set up and transport, making it convenient for on-location shoots. The Fresnel lens allows for easy adjustment of the beam angle, enabling precise control over the lighting direction and spread.

This versatile lighting fixture offers a wide range of applications, from highlighting specific areas on stage to creating dramatic effects. The 5 KW Fresnel is compatible with various light modifiers, such as barn doors and color gels, allowing for further customization and creative possibilities.

For professional lighting technicians and enthusiasts alike, the 5 KW Fresnel is a reliable and powerful lighting solution that ensures exceptional performance and flexibility in any production environment.


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