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Aputure Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Aputure Spotlight Max Kit with 36° Lens

Spotlight Max Kit with 36° Lens

Includes: - 1 x safety cable - 3 x gobo - 1 x rotable gobo holder - 1 x transport case with rolls
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The Aputure Light ShapersSpotlight Max Kit with 36° Lens is a professional light shaping tool designed for precise lighting control. Its precision optics focus light output, resulting in uniform luminance. The kit comes with an interchangeable lens system of 36° lens for maximum flexibility.

Key product features and technical specifications:

  • Brand: Aputure
  • Product Type: Light ShapersSpotlight Max Kit
  • Lens: Comes with a 36° lens
  • Light Control: Spot and flood light control with precise beam angles
  • Construction: Durable aluminium alloy construction
  • Interchangeable Lens System: Provides versatility for different lighting situations
  • Mount: Bowens-mount making it compatible with a wide range of lighting equipment
  • Color Temperature: Neutral color temperature with a high color rendering index

This light shaping kit is ideal for professional photographers and videographers who require precision and versatility in their lighting setups.


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