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Aputure Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Aputure Spotlight Max Kit with 19° Lens

Spotlight Max Kit with 19° Lens

Comes with: 3 x gobos 1x safety cable 1x rotatable gobo holder
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The Aputure Light Storm Spotlight Max Kit with 19° Lens is a comprehensive, high-end lighting tool for professional photographers and videographers.

Main features and technical specifications of the product:

  • Aputure Spotlight Mount utilizes precision condenser lens optics to enhance your light shaping abilities.
  • Comes with a 19° lens to focus the light.
  • Able to produce a high-quality, even beam of light with crisp shadows.
  • Interchangeable lens design allows expanding the spotlight with additional lenses.
  • Included are three separate gobos for creative light and shadow effects.
  • Made from robust, lightweight aluminum for effortless handling.
  • Compatible with the Bowens mount light system.
  • Works with a variety of lighting solutions, including Aputure's 120D, 120D II, 300D, 300D II, and Light Storm 600D Pro.

The kit contents:

  • Aputure Spotlight Mount with a 19° lens.
  • Three gobos.
  • Protection cap for lens.
  • Gobo holder.
  • Color filter holder.

The Aputure Light Storm Spotlight Max Kit with 19° Lens offers a versatile and high-quality lighting solution for professional photography and videography projects.


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