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Aputure Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Aputure Fresnel F10 for LS 600 up to LS 1200

Fresnel F10 for LS 600 up to LS 1200

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The Aputure Fresnel F10 is a powerful light control accessory designed for professional photographers and videographers. Compatible with the LS 600 up to LS 1200 lights, it offers precision control and versatility while working in various shooting conditions.

With its adjustable lens-focusing feature, the Fresnel F10 can be tuned from a 15° spot to a 40° flood, providing intensive and focused lighting for your subjects. The Beam angle is adjustable, offering you the ability to shape light in multiple ways.

Highly durable and lightweight, it has an aluminium metal build for longevity and efficient heat dissipation. It also includes a dual-lens optical design, which enhances the light output and creates even lighting.

  • Produced with high-quality aluminium alloy
  • Compatible with Aputure LS 600 up to LS 1200 lights
  • Adjustable lens focusing from a 15° spot to a 40° flood
  • Effective Beam angle adjustment
  • Dual-lens optical design
  • Durable and efficient heat dissipation.

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