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Booms Renting in Barcelona.

AFZ Junior Droparm, 45°

Junior Droparm, 45°

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The BoomsJunior Droparm, 45° by . is a highly functional piece of equipment designed for professional photographers and videographers. It has a task-focused design, made with durable material, ensuring its reliability in various shooting conditions.

Key features of BoomsJunior Droparm, 45° by .:

  • 45-Degree Drop Arm: This feature allows the user to position their camera at a 45-degree angle, providing a unique perspective for photography or videography projects.
  • Robust Material: The Droparm is constructed from heavy-duty material that can withstand any demanding shooting conditions.
  • Standard Attachment: The Droparm features a standard 3/8-inch or 1/4-inch screw attachment, making it suitable for a wide range of cameras and equipment.

Technical Specifications:

  • Arm Length: Measures an ideal length that is suitable for most shooting scenarios.
  • Weight Load: The Droparm is designed to support a specific weight limit, perfect for professional and commercial equipment.
  • Diameter: It has a particular diameter that is compatible with typical camera and equipment mounts.
  • Product Weight: The weight of the Droparm itself is engineered such that it aids in stabilizing the setup while still being easily manageable.

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