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Adicam 75/100mm Ball Mount Set for Standard+

75/100mm Ball Mount Set for Standard+

includes: 100mm Bowl Mount 75mm Bowl Adapter
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The Carts75/100mm Ball Mount Set for Standard+by offers high-quality construction and optimal compatibility for your equipment. Designed specifically for professional photographers and videographers, this set provides a secure and versatile mounting solution.

Let's delve deeper into the key features and technical specifications of this product:

  • Designed to support 75/100mm ball heads, this mount set allows for a broad range of motion and control. Providing great adaptability regardless of the camera or equipment model.
  • Made from high-grade aluminium, the Mount set ensures durability and resistance to typical wear and tear. Thus, providing an extended lifespan of the product.
  • Its three-component setup allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making it travel-friendly.
  • The system boasts high load capacity, being able to safely secure and handle professional video and photo equipment.
  • It features a quick-release design that allows for easy installation and removal of your equipment. This enhances productivity by reducing setup and pack up time.
Made with practicality and reliability in mind, the Carts75/100mm Ball Mount Set for Standard+by is a valuable addition to any professional photographer's or videographer's gear.

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