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Tether / Cable Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Adapter HDMI - USB-C

Adapter HDMI - USB-C

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The Tether/CableAdapter HDMI - USB-C is an essential connector device designed for seamless signal transmission. It is widely compatible for use with various devices such as digital cameras, video projectors, and computing devices.

Below are the key features and technical specifications:

  • The adapter is equipped with an HDMI port on one end and a USB-C port on the other. This offers versatility in connection as it is compatible with any device with a USB-C or HDMI interface.
  • It provides high-resolution support up to 1080p or 4k, facilitating sharp, high-quality visuals. Ideal for live streaming, presentations or screening videos in high-definition quality.
  • This adapter supports high-speed data transmission. The transmission rate is up to 5 Gbps, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted signal transmission.
  • Built with high-quality materials, the adapter is durable and can withstand frequent use. The casing is made from premium grade aluminium, offering heat resistance and enhancing the lifespan of the device.
  • The adapter is designed to be compact and lightweight. With a weight of only a few grams, it is easily portable and does not contribute significantly to the weight of the equipment.
  • It comes with a flexible cable that comfortably adapts to any on-set or in-studio setup. The cable is reinforced with an insulating material, ensuring reliable signal transmission even in high-interference environments.
  • The Plug-and-Play feature is supported by this adapter. No driver installation is required and can therefore be instantly connected to any device.

Integrating the Tether/Cable Adapter HDMI - USB-C into your setup is guaranteed to provide consistent, high quality, and efficient transmission between your hardware devices.


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