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Filters Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent 4x4" Glass Filter (1/8 Promist)

4x4" Glass Filter (1/8 Promist)

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The Filters4x4" Glass Filter (1/8 Promist) is a high-quality professional-grade tool for photographers and videographers. Manufactured with precision, it is designed to meld optimally with your equipment, providing a range of effects to boost the quality of your image and video output. The technical specifications are as follows:

  • Type: Glass Filter
  • Dimensions: 4 inches by 4 inches
  • Rating: 1/8
  • Material: High quality optical glass
  • Effect: Softens contrast and highlights, mildly reduces sharpness
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all 4" filter holders
  • Cleaning: Easy to clean with microfiber cloth

The 1/8 Promist feature on this filter helps in diffusing the light in the image, producing a subtle glow on the highlights. This feature is particularly vital for scenarios that involve intense, harsh lighting, where it helps to soften the in-image contrast and tame overblown highlights.

This filter's 4x4" size ensures compatibility with all 4" filter holders, thus presenting a versatile solution for multiple lens types. The filter is made from fine-quality optical glass ensuring optimal clarity and minimal distortion.

Cleaning and maintenance of the filter are straightforward, as its specially-treated surface allows for easy wipe-downs with a microfiber cloth. This quick and easy cleaning process can extend the longevity of the filter and ensure consistent photo result.


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