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Filters Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent 4x4" Glass Filter (1/1 Promist)

4x4" Glass Filter (1/1 Promist)

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The Filters4x4" Glass Filter (1/1 Promist) is a premium-quality filter predominantly used for photographic purposes. Its main function is to alleviate the harshness of the lighting while preserving a soft glow.

Its high-end technology features include:

  • High-quality 4"x4" glass material ensuring persistent durability and efficient performance.
  • The 1/1 Promist feature is incorporated to create a desired atmospheric illusion by controlling, diffusing, and scattering light.
  • Capable of reducing image contrast and providing a subtle glow to highlights. This makes it specially designed for mitigating excessive sharpness and contrast produced by digital cameras.
  • Its advanced structure provides uniform light spreading. This feature adds a warm appearance to the subjects making the output more appealing.
  • The fixation grooves carved at the edge of the filter provide a strong grip for holder threads, boosting an easier installation and secure fitting on the camera lens.
  • Depending upon the aperture settings, the filter can provide a range of effects, giving the end-user more control over the visual output.

In sum, Filters4x4" Glass Filter (1/1 Promist) is characterized by its professional-quality construction, diffusion properties, and compatibility with various lighting conditions and camera lenses.


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