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Extension Cords + Distribution Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent 16a to 13a Jumper

16a to 13a Jumper

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Our 16a to 13a Jumper Extension Cords by Distribution16a are designed for high-end power distribution tasks for high wattage devices that photographers and videographers utilise for their work.

  • This product features a 16a plug at one end and a 13a socket at the other for efficient electricity transfer while retaining the integrity and safety of your devices.
  • Constructed from high-quality, professional-grade materials, these cords ensure optimal performance and longevity. They are specifically designed to resist wear and tear, even under demanding conditions.
  • All cords have a length of 14 meters, providing plenty of range for equipment placement. This gives users the flexibility they need in their setup.
  • The cables are rated for a voltage of 250V, ensuring that they can handle the power requirements of your high-performance equipment.
  • Strictly adheres to safety standards and guidelines to provide a high degree of protection against electric shocks and other electrical hazards.
  • The heavy-duty construction of the cords ensures protection against physical damages, increasing their longevity even under heavy usage conditions.
  • This product comes in a standard black colour, an industry preference due to its discreteness and ability to blend seamlessly with any technical equipment.

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