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Zeiss PL-Mount for CP.3 35mm

PL-Mount for CP.3 35mm

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Introducing the PL-Mount for CP.3 35mm, a high-performance lens mount designed to enhance the versatility of your cinematography experience.

This precision-engineered mount is compatible with the renowned CP.3 series of 35mm lenses, enabling effortless attachment and seamless integration with a wide range of PL-mount cameras and accessories.

With the PL-Mount for CP.3 35mm, you can unlock the full potential of your lens collection, capturing breathtaking visuals and achieving professional-grade results. The sturdy construction ensures durability and reliability, even in demanding shooting environments, so you can focus on your creative vision without any limitations.

Upgrade your cinematography setup with the PL-Mount for CP.3 35mm and explore endless possibilities in capturing stunning imagery for both film and video production.


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