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Profoto B2 250 Ws Air TTL Generator

B2 250 Ws Air TTL Generator

Battery and Charger not included.
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The B2 250 Ws Air TTL Generator is a powerful and versatile lighting equipment specifically designed for professional photographers. With a maximum output of 250 Ws, this generator provides ample lighting power for various photography applications.

Equipped with Air TTL technology, this generator allows for seamless wireless communication with compatible cameras, enabling precise TTL (Through-the-Lens) metering and automatic exposure control for effortless shooting.

The B2 250 Ws Air TTL Generator features a compact and lightweight design, making it highly portable and ideal for on-location shoots. Its detachable Li-Ion battery ensures extended shooting sessions without the need for constant recharging.

This generator also offers rapid recycling times, allowing for capturing fast-paced action with minimal gaps between shots. The intuitive user interface and controls make it easy to navigate and adjust settings according to your specific lighting requirements.

Whether you are a studio professional or an outdoor enthusiast, the B2 250 Ws Air TTL Generator is the perfect lighting solution, bringing flexibility, convenience, and exceptional performance to your photography endeavors.


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