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Leaf Aptus 22 / Hasselblad H1 Kit

Aptus 22 / Hasselblad H1 Kit

Digital Back Leaf Aptus 22 Hasselblad H1 body Harddisk Leaf 20 GB McBook 13" 2,1 Ghz Hasselblad 80mm/2.8 AF HP Impresora 10 x 15 cm DVD Master (2)
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The Aptus 22 / Hasselblad H1 Kit is the perfect photography solution for professionals seeking exceptional image quality and versatility. This kit combines the precision and reliability of the Hasselblad H1 camera with the advanced Aptus 22 digital back.

The Hasselblad H1 camera is known for its exceptional medium format performance, offering superior image quality and precise control over every aspect of photography. With a robust build and ergonomic design, it ensures comfortable handling and seamless shooting experience.

The included Aptus 22 digital back is a technological masterpiece, providing a whopping 22-megapixel resolution and an expansive dynamic range. Its large sensor captures stunning details and produces images with remarkable clarity. Equipped with a brilliant LCD screen, it allows you to preview your images with accuracy and make instant adjustments on the go.

Designed to complement each other, the Aptus 22 / Hasselblad H1 Kit offers seamless integration between the camera and digital back, enabling uncompromised image quality and precise control over the creative process. Whether shooting landscapes, portraits, or commercial work, this kit delivers outstanding results time after time.

With its exceptional imaging capabilities and reliable performance, the Aptus 22 / Hasselblad H1 Kit is a must-have for professional photographers and enthusiasts looking to elevate their craft to a whole new level. Capture stunning images with unparalleled detail and make your artistry shine with this remarkable kit.


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