Sync Material in Barcelona

in Barcelona

emptySensor cell (mushroom) for slave3,–
emptySync Adapter (Jack Male to Minijack male)2,–
emptySync Extension (male minijack to male minijack)1,–

Broncolor in Barcelona

emptyAdapter Cable for Pocket Wizard Transceiver3,–
emptyRFS Radio Transmitter10,–

Pocket Wizard in Barcelona


Profoto in Barcelona

emptyAir Remote10,–
emptyAir Remote Set20,–
emptyAir Remote TTL - C for B1 500 Canon12,–
emptyAir Remote TTL - N for B1 500 Nikon12,–
emptySync Cable (1/4 Sync to 1/4 Sync)3,–
emptySync Cable (1/4 Sync to Jack)3,–
emptySync Cable (1/4 Sync to Minijack)3,–
emptySync Cable (Minijack to Jack)2,–
emptySync Cable (Minijack to Minijack)2,–
emptySync Cable Pack to Pack (Jack to Jack)4,–