Bron Lightformer in Barcelona

Broncolor in Barcelona

emptyBarndoors for P708,–
emptyBeautydish Reflector (white)20,–
emptyBeautydish Reflector P (silver)20,–
emptyDiffusor for Beautydish Reflector8,–
emptyFlooter (Fresnel)80,–
emptyGrid for Softlight/Beautydish10,–
emptyGrid set for P65, P45 and PAR10,–
emptyGrid set for P7010,–
emptyMini Satellite135,–
emptyPar Reflector35,–
emptyPara 177 Kit, incl. diffusers 1/4 and full stop120,–
emptyPara 220 FB, incl. diffuser 1/3 stop160,–
emptyPara 330 FB, incl. diffuser 1/3 and 2/3 stop320,–
emptyPara 88 P Kit, incl. diffusers 1/4 and full stop80,–
emptyPara Adapter for Profoto Heads12,–
emptyReflector P12018,–
emptyReflector P4525,–
emptyReflector P65 (equivalent to Magnum)5,–
emptyReflector P7010,–
emptySatellite Staro145,–