Manfrotto in Barcelona

Camera Flash in Barcelona

empty233B Camera Mount Flash Bracket8,–

Extensions / Columns in Barcelona

emptyAutopole Extension Tube (033B), 200 cm6,–
emptyColumn of C-Stand 20'6,–
emptyColumn of C-Stand 40'3,–
emptyColumn of C-Stand 60'6,–
emptyColumn of Stand Backlite2,–

Grip in Barcelona

emptyBaby Wall Plate Long (F800, 5/8 / 16 mm)8,–
emptyBaby Wall Plate Short (F805, 5/8 / 16 mm)8,–
emptyBarrel Clamp (C345)4,–
emptyCoupler Clamp (Big Ben)3,–
emptyCrocodile Clamp (Sky Hook 043)3,–
emptyDouble Ball Joint Head (155)6,–
emptyDouble Super Clamp4,–
emptyFlash L-bracket, telescopic (VI233B)8,–
emptyFork for Polyboard2,–
emptyFun Grip Arm (angle)6,–
emptyJ-Hook incl. super clamp3,–
emptyJunior Offest Arm (F100)6,–
emptyMagic Arm w/ clamps6,–
emptyMini Magic Arm (814 - 1)4,–
emptyMulticlip (375)2,–
emptyPelican Clamp (C500)4,–
emptyPolyholder 50mm (F1521)4,–
emptyPump Cup with flat base (241FB)8,–
emptyPump Cup with spiggot (F1000)8,–
emptySandbag large, 12 kg2,–
emptySandbag, small, 5kg2,–
emptySnake Arm (MA050A)8,–
emptySpiggot Adapter 1/4 to 3/8 (119)1,–
emptySpiggot Adapter 5/8 to 1/4 and 3/8 (118)1,–
emptySpigot (013)1,–
emptySpigot (E200)2,–
emptySpigot (E600)1,–
emptySpring Clamp3,–
emptySuction Grip8,–
emptySuper Clamp (035)2,–
emptySwan Neck12,–
emptyUniversal clamp4,–

Camera Heads in Barcelona

emptyBall Head (468 RC)10,–
emptyBall Head (488 RCO)10,–
emptyGeared Head 405 Pro-Digital25,–
emptyHorizontal Arm 4 x 3/8, black10,–
emptyLevelling Plate (338)8,–
emptyPanoramic Head, 360 degrees (303PLUS)25,–
emptyPistol / Joystick head (322)18,–
emptyQuick Release Plate 410PL for 808RC4 Head3,–
emptyThree Way Head (MA 808 RC4)10,–
emptyThree Way Head (MF 160 HEAVY)10,–
emptyVideo Head (128 RC)15,–
emptyVideo Head (503HDV)20,–

Booms in Barcelona

emptyCounter weight (small)2,–
emptyCounterweight, (large)3,–
emptyMega Boom incl. weight28,–
emptyMega Boom incl. weight and Wind-up Stand (with rolls)45,–
emptySuper Boom incl. weight25,–
emptySuper Boom incl. weight and Heavy Duty Stand25,–
emptySuper Boom incl. weight and Wind-up Stand (with rolls)30,–
emptyTravel (Mini) Boom14,–
emptyTravel (Mini) Boom incl. weight and Heavy Duty Rolling Stand22,–
emptyTravel (Mini) Boom incl. weight and Master Stand (no rolls)20,–

Camera Tripods in Barcelona

emptyFig Rig 595B12,–
emptyMonopod (680B)15,–
emptyMonopod with foldable feet (562B-1) 20,–
emptyTripod 055 MF3 (Fiber)35,–
emptyTripod Extra Large (MA 161MK)25,–
emptyTripod Large (MA 058)20,–
emptyTripod Small (MA 055)15,–
emptyVideo Tripod (546BK) with Video Head (502HDV)30,–

Stands in Barcelona

emptyLow Boy, large, with rolls, 134 - 360 cm (A510)12,–
emptyLow Boy, medium, with rolls, 118 - 220 cm (A650)10,–
emptyLow Boy, small, with rolls, 80 - 122 cm (A680)14,–
emptyNano Stand 5001B5,–
emptyStand Autopole Column (432-3.7), 210 - 370 cm8,–
emptyStand Autopole Tripod (432-3.7), 210 - 370 cm10,–
emptyStand Backlite (012B), detachable column, 9 - 85 cm2,–
emptyStand Backlite (012B), without column, 9 cm1,–
emptyStand Brake Base (299 BBASE), rolls, 28 cm / 116,–
emptyStand Combo Steel 20 (A120), with rolls8,–
emptyStand Double Wind-up (087NW), rolls, 167- 370 cm / 6.5’-14.514,–
emptyStand Heavy Duty (126CSU), 131 - 327 cm / 4 - 11'9,–
emptyStand Master (004B), 109 - 385 cm / 4' - 15'6,–
emptyStand Wind-up Single, rolls9,–
emptyStand Wind-up SUPER (B6040), rolls, 172 - 368 cm / 5 - 13' 14,–

Production Material in Barcelona

emptyStill Life Table80,–

Kits in Barcelona

emptySuspension System for Background Rolls (up to 4m wide)35,–

Crossbars and Traverses in Barcelona

emptyTelescopic Background Pole, 3 section (272b)8,–