Broncolor in Barcelona

Sync Material in Barcelona

emptyAdapter Cable for Pocket Wizard Transceiver3,–
emptyRFS Radio Transmitter10,–

Bron Lightformer in Barcelona

emptyBarndoors for P708,–
emptyBeautydish Reflector (white)20,–
emptyBeautydish Reflector P (silver)20,–
emptyDiffusor for Beautydish Reflector8,–
emptyFlooter (Fresnel)80,–
emptyGrid for Softlight/Beautydish10,–
emptyGrid set for P65, P45 and PAR10,–
emptyGrid set for P7010,–
emptyMini Satellite135,–
emptyPar Reflector35,–
emptyPara 177 Kit, incl. diffusers 1/4 and full stop120,–
emptyPara 220 FB, incl. diffuser 1/3 stop160,–
emptyPara 330 FB, incl. diffuser 1/3 and 2/3 stop320,–
emptyPara 88 P Kit, incl. diffusers 1/4 and full stop80,–
emptyPara Adapter for Profoto Heads12,–
emptyReflector P12018,–
emptyReflector P4525,–
emptyReflector P65 (equivalent to Magnum)5,–
emptyReflector P7010,–
emptySatellite Staro145,–

Bron Accesories in Barcelona

emptyEmergency Kit Pulso GPlease consult
emptyEmergency Kit Pulso TwinPlease consult
emptyPulso Flash Head extension cable 10m16,–
emptyPulso Flash Head extension cable 5m12,–

Bron Generators in Barcelona

emptyGrafit A2 1600 Ws90,–
emptyGrafit A4 3200 Ws150,–
emptyScoro 3200J S RFS105,–
emptyVerso A4 2400 Ws140,–

Bron Heads in Barcelona

emptyPulso G Head 3200J50,–
emptyPulso Spot 490,–
emptyPulso Twin Head70,–
emptyRingflash 3200 Ws75,–
emptyZoom Spot80,–