Profoto in Barcelona

Sync Material in Barcelona

emptyAir Remote10,–
emptyAir Remote Set20,–
emptyAir Remote TTL - C for B1 500 Canon12,–
emptyAir Remote TTL - N for B1 500 Nikon12,–
emptySync Cable (1/4 Sync to 1/4 Sync)3,–
emptySync Cable (1/4 Sync to Jack)3,–
emptySync Cable (1/4 Sync to Minijack)3,–
emptySync Cable (Minijack to Jack)2,–
emptySync Cable (Minijack to Minijack)2,–
emptySync Cable Pack to Pack (Jack to Jack)4,–

Profoto Heads in Barcelona

emptyB 1 Head (naked)45,–
emptyPro B Head for battery pack, up to 1200 Ws incl. reflector20,–
emptyPro Ring2 flash with model light40,–
emptyPro Twin head up to 4800 Ws incl. reflector45,–
emptyProHead plus, up to 4800 Ws incl. reflector30,–
emptyProHead up to 2400 Ws incl. reflector20,–
emptyStriplight Medium 120V (10 x 130 cm / 3.9 x 51.2 in.)90,–

Profoto Lightformers in Barcelona

emptyBarndoors for Zoomreflector8,–
emptyBeauty Dish (softlight) silver 26°20,–
emptyBeauty Dish (softlight) white 65°20,–
emptyBeautydish Diffusor4,–
emptyCine Reflector45,–
emptyDisc Reflector8,–
emptyFresnel ProFresnel Spot, incl. barndoors40,–
emptyFresnel Small40,–
emptyFresnelSpot, 10 - 50 degrees80,–
emptyHard Box65,–
emptyHoneycomb Grid 10°5,–
emptyHoneycomb Grid 10° for Magnum/Telezoom Reflector8,–
emptyHoneycomb Grid 10° for Widezoom Reflector8,–
emptyHoneycomb Grid 20°5,–
emptyHoneycomb Grid 25° for Beauty Dish (softlight)12,–
emptyHoneycomb Grid 5°5,–
emptyHoneycomb Grid Set, 5°, 10° and 20° Honeycombs15,–
emptyMagnum Reflector12,–
emptyNarrowbeam Reflector12,–
emptyPro Giant 150 cm / 5', silver incl. diffuser -1/3, full stop40,–
emptyPro Giant 180 cm / 6' (NEW), silver incl. diff. -1/3, full75,–
emptyPro Giant 210 cm / 7', silver incl. diffuser -1/3, full stop45,–
emptyRingflash Reflector silver12,–
emptyRingflash Reflector white12,–
emptyTelezoom Reflector12,–
emptyWidezoom Reflector12,–
emptyZoom Reflector7,–

Power in Barcelona

emptyBat Pac (220V output)35,–

Profoto Batteries in Barcelona

emptyBattery Li-Ion (Lithium) for Pro B1 500 Air10,–
emptyBattery LiFe (Lithium) for Pro B4 Air25,–
emptyBattery LiFe (Lithium) for Pro 7b/B2/B320,–
emptyBattery Pb (Lead) for Pro 7b/B2/B315,–
emptyCar Charger for Pro B1 L-Ion 18,–
emptyCharger for Pro 7B/B2/B3/LiFe5,–
emptyCharger for Pro B1 L-Ion10,–
emptyCharger for Pro B4 LiFe10,–

Profoto Generators in Barcelona

emptyD1 1000 Air 50,–
emptyPro-10 2400 Ws TTL120,–
emptyPro-7A 2400 Ws Asymmetric75,–
emptyPro-8A Air 2400 Ws Asymmetric105,–
emptyPro-B2 1200R, radio release, incl. battery, charger65,–
emptyPro-B3 AirS 1200 Ws., radio release, incl. battery, charger70,–
emptyPro-B4 Air 1000 Ws., radio release, incl. battery, charger80,–

Profoto Accesories in Barcelona

emptyEmergency KitPlease consult
emptyHead to pack extension 5m (Acute/Pro)7,–
emptyProGas2 surge protector20,–
emptySyncro extension cable 5m (extra)4,–

Softboxes in Barcelona

emptyHR Lantern 3 x 1,5' / 90 x 45cm45,–
emptyOCF Beauty Dish White 2'30,–
emptySoft Grid 50° for Profoto Softbox Small Strip RFi40,–
emptySoftbox Small Strip RFi 1x3' / 30 x 90cm30,–

Octa in Barcelona

emptyHR Octa 150 cm / 5'40,–
emptyHR Octa 90 cm / 3'30,–
emptyOcta 120 cm / 4'25,–
emptyOcta 150 cm / 5'30,–
emptyOcta 210 cm / 7'65,–
emptyOcta 90 cm / 3'25,–
emptySoft Grid for Profoto Softbox Octa 4'30,–

Profoto Kits in Barcelona

emptyPro B1 500Ws Air TTL Location Kit with 1 Head60,–
emptyPro B1 500Ws Air TTL Location Kit with 2 Heads86,–
emptyPro-B2 1200R battery generator sym./asym. incl. 1 head100,–
emptyPro-B2 1200R battery generator sym./asym. incl. 2 heads115,–
emptyPro-B3 AirS 1200Ws battery generator sym./asym. with 1 head110,–
emptyPro-B3 AirS 1200Ws battery generator sym./asym. with 2 heads125,–
emptyPro-B4 Air 1000Ws battery generator sym./asym. with 1 head115,–
emptyPro-B4 Air 1000Ws battery generator sym./asym. with 2 heads135,–

Profoto Daylight in Barcelona

emptyProDaylight Air 800W70,–