Canon in Barcelona

Canon Accesories in Barcelona

emptyBattery adapter (LP-E6) from V-lock battery15,–
emptyBattery Charger for LP-E1918,–
emptyBattery Charger for LPE4n20,–
emptyBattery Charger for LPE610,–
emptyBattery Charger LC-E4 for Mark III battery10,–
emptyBattery Charger MPE-E3 for Mark II battery15,–
emptyBattery Grip BG-E11 for 5D Mark III and 5Ds R20,–
emptyBattery Grip BG-E20 for 5D Mark IV25,–
emptyBattery Grip BG-E6 for Canon 5D Mark II18,–
emptyBP955 Battery for EOS C30020,–
emptyCamera Remote Trigger Cable (SR-N3)8,–
emptyLP-E19 Spare Battery 1DX MK II20,–
emptyLPE4 Spare Battery 1Ds MK III15,–
emptyLPE4n Spare Battery 1D C/X15,–
emptyLPE6 Battery for EOS 5D Mark II/III, 5DS R and 7D10,–
emptyNPE3 Spare Battery 1Ds MK II15,–
emptyPocket Wizard Adapter5,–
emptyPower Adaptor ACK-DC5,–
emptyTC-80N3 Remote and Timer20,–
emptyWireless File Transmitter WFT-E625,–
emptyWireless Trigger Pixel RW22110,–

Monitors in Barcelona

emptyBattery BP-970G for Marshall Monitor10,–
emptyBattery Charger for BP-970G10,–

Camera Flash in Barcelona

emptyBeautydish / Softlight Reflector for Canon Speedlite20,–
emptyMR-24 EX (Makro Ring Flash)25,–
emptySpeedlite 580EX II20,–
emptySpeedlite 600EX-RT24,–
emptyST-E2 Infrared Remote to Canon Flash30,–
emptyTTL cable (camera socket to flash)15,–

Canon Bodies in Barcelona

emptyC300 (EF Mount)242,–
emptyC300 Mark II (EF Mount)256,–
emptyEOS 1D C120,–
EOS 1D X Mark IIEOS 1D X Mark II129,–
emptyEOS 5D (12,8 MP)130,–
emptyEOS 5D Mark II55,–
emptyEOS 5D Mark III85,–
emptyEOS 5D Mark IV114,–
emptyEOS 5DS99,–
emptyEOS 5DS R106,–
emptyEOS 7D85,–
emptyEOS 7D Mark II98,–

Canon Lenses in Barcelona

emptyEF 100 - 400 mm/4.5-5.6L II IS USM36,–
emptyEF 100 - 400 mm/4.5-5.6L IS USM25,–
emptyEF 100 mm/2.8 L IS USM Macro16,–
emptyEF 11 - 24 mm/4.0 L USM43,–
emptyEF 135 mm/2.0 L USM18,–
emptyEF 14 mm/2.8 L II USM33,–
emptyEF 15 mm/2.8 L USM Fisheye45,–
emptyEF 16 - 35 mm/2.8 L II USM21,–
emptyEF 17 - 40 mm/4.0 L USM55,–
emptyEF 20 mm/2.8 USM50,–
emptyEF 200 mm/2.0 L IS USM73,–
emptyEF 24 - 105 mm/4.0 L IS USM15,–
emptyEF 24 - 70 mm/2.8 L II USM28,–
emptyEF 24 - 70 mm/2.8 L USM28,–
emptyEF 24 mm/1.4 L II USM24,–
emptyEF 28 mm/1.8 USM13,–
emptyEF 28 mm/2.8 IS USM38,–
emptyEF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM80,–
emptyEF 300 mm/2.8 L IS90,–
emptyEF 300 mm/2.8 L IS II USM79,–
emptyEF 35 mm/1.4 L II USM45,–
emptyEF 35 mm/1.4 L USM21,–
emptyEF 40mm/2.8 STM Pancake40,–
emptyEF 50 mm/1.2 L USM24,–
emptyEF 50 mm/1.422,–
emptyEF 50 mm/2.5 Compact Macro10,–
emptyEF 500 mm/4.0 L IS II USM139,–
emptyEF 70 - 200 mm/2.8 L II IS USM33,–
emptyEF 70 - 200 mm/2.8 L IS USM28,–
emptyEF 70 - 300 mm/4.5-5.6 IS USM10,–
emptyEF 8 - 15 mm/4.0 L USM28,–
emptyEF 800 mm/5.6 L IS174,–
emptyEF 85 mm/1.2 L II USM28,–
emptyEF-S 10 - 22 mm/3.5-4.5 USM25,–
emptyEF-S 60 mm/2.8 USM Macro75,–
emptyExtender EF 1.4x III12,–
emptyExtender EF 2x IIPlease consult
emptyExtender EF 2x III12,–
emptyTS-E 17 mm/4.0 L33,–
emptyTS-E 24 mm/3.5 L II21,–
emptyTS-E 45 mm/2.821,–
emptyTS-E 90 mm/2.821,–

Printers in Barcelona

emptySelphy CP91018,–