Canon Accesories in Barcelona

in Barcelona

emptyUnderwater Housing Canon 5D MarkII800,–

Canon in Barcelona

emptyBattery adapter (LP-E6) from V-lock battery15,–
emptyBattery Charger for LP-E1918,–
emptyBattery Charger for LPE4n20,–
emptyBattery Charger for LPE610,–
emptyBattery Charger LC-E4 for Mark III battery10,–
emptyBattery Charger MPE-E3 for Mark II battery15,–
emptyBattery Grip BG-E11 for 5D Mark III and 5Ds R20,–
emptyBattery Grip BG-E20 for 5D Mark IV25,–
emptyBattery Grip BG-E6 for Canon 5D Mark II18,–
emptyBP955 Battery for EOS C30020,–
emptyCamera Remote Trigger Cable (SR-N3)8,–
emptyLP-E19 Spare Battery 1DX MK II20,–
emptyLPE4 Spare Battery 1Ds MK III15,–
emptyLPE4n Spare Battery 1D C/X15,–
emptyLPE6 Battery for EOS 5D Mark II/III, 5DS R and 7D10,–
emptyNPE3 Spare Battery 1Ds MK II15,–
emptyPocket Wizard Adapter5,–
emptyPower Adaptor ACK-DC5,–
emptyTC-80N3 Remote and Timer20,–
emptyWireless File Transmitter WFT-E625,–
emptyWireless Trigger Pixel RW22110,–

Xrite in Barcelona

emptyColor Chart (Passport)4,–