Hasselblad in Barcelona

Hasselblad Accesories in Barcelona

emptyCable Remote to H1/H2/H3 and H46,–
emptyCharger for H2/H3/H4 batteries20,–
emptyExtra Battery for H1/H2/H3 and H420,–
emptyFilm Back for H1/H2/H3 and H4Please consult
emptyHV 90x Prism Vievfinder25,–
emptyMini/Mini Jack Adapter to Pocket Wizard3,–
emptyRemote Release (cable, for Hasselblad H)12,–

Hasselblad Lenses in Barcelona

emptyExtension Tube 13mm28,–
emptyExtension Tube 26mm28,–
emptyHC 100 mm/2.238,–
emptyHC 120 mm Macro/4.044,–
emptyHC 150 mm/3.245,–
emptyHC 210 mm/4.080,–
emptyHC 300 mm/4.575,–
emptyHC 35 mm/3.542,–
emptyHC 50 mm/3.540,–
emptyHC 50-110 mm / 3.5-4.550,–
emptyHC 80 mm/2.826,–
emptyHC Teleconverter 1.7X25,–
emptyHCD 24 mm/4.874,–
emptyHCD 28 mm/4.056,–
emptyHCD 35-90mm / 4-5.685,–
emptyHTS 1.5 (Tilt-Shift)85,–

Hasselblad Bodies in Barcelona

emptyH2 (Body incl. Viewfinder HV 90x)76,–
emptyH3 (Body incl. Viewfinder)120,–