Grip in Barcelona

in Barcelona

emptyA-Clamp big1,–
emptyA-Clamp medium1,–
emptyA-Clamp small1,–
emptyA-Clamp XL1,–
emptyBulldog ClipPlease consult
emptyCardellini Clamp3,–
emptyJunior Grid Clamp (Barrel clamp)2,–
emptyLead Weights (14kg)3,–
emptyRope, 20m2,–
emptySafety cables2,–
emptyTennis ball, cut to protect delicate floors from stand marksPlease consult
emptyTooth Clamps1,–
emptyWooden WedgePlease consult

Avenger in Barcelona

emptyGrip Head big / Gobo big3,–
emptyGrip Head small / Gobo small3,–

LocLum in Barcelona

emptyApple Box Set15,–
emptyApple Box, extra small5,–
emptyApple Box, full5,–
emptyApple Box, half5,–
emptyApple Box, pancake5,–
emptyApple Box, quarter5,–

Manfrotto in Barcelona

emptyBaby Wall Plate Long (F800, 5/8 / 16 mm)8,–
emptyBaby Wall Plate Short (F805, 5/8 / 16 mm)8,–
emptyBarrel Clamp (C345)4,–
emptyCoupler Clamp (Big Ben)3,–
emptyCrocodile Clamp (Sky Hook 043)3,–
emptyDouble Ball Joint Head (155)6,–
emptyDouble Super Clamp4,–
emptyFlash L-bracket, telescopic (VI233B)8,–
emptyFork for Polyboard2,–
emptyFun Grip Arm (angle)6,–
emptyJ-Hook incl. super clamp3,–
emptyJunior Offest Arm (F100)6,–
emptyMagic Arm w/ clamps6,–
emptyMini Magic Arm (814 - 1)4,–
emptyMulticlip (375)2,–
emptyPelican Clamp (C500)4,–
emptyPolyholder 50mm (F1521)4,–
emptyPump Cup with flat base (241FB)8,–
emptyPump Cup with spiggot (F1000)8,–
emptySandbag large, 12 kg2,–
emptySandbag, small, 5kg2,–
emptySnake Arm (MA050A)8,–
emptySpiggot Adapter 1/4 to 3/8 (119)1,–
emptySpiggot Adapter 5/8 to 1/4 and 3/8 (118)1,–
emptySpigot (013)1,–
emptySpigot (E200)2,–
emptySpigot (E600)1,–
emptySpring Clamp3,–
emptySuction Grip8,–
emptySuper Clamp (035)2,–
emptySwan Neck12,–
emptyUniversal clamp4,–

Sunbounce in Barcelona

emptyGrip Head for Sunbounce (small)3,–